About Us

Casuarina Dental was established in 2018 by Dr Maria Florou. At Casuarina Dental, we are a practice owned by a dentist. This ensures our patients receive the very best care and the personal touch of a small business. We are a fast-growing dental business and rightly recommended by our patients. Our patients are our biggest asset and we are proud to deliver a “State of the Art Care and Service”.

Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care understand the mouth is the gateway through which every organ is nourished and sustained. We understand problems with your teeth, gums, and mouth, as well as the presence of toxins, chemicals and certain bacteria, have the potential to affect other parts of your body and negatively impact your general wellbeing.

We believe that a healthy body needs balanced non-toxic dentition. Your dental treatment must be bio-compatible with the whole body. Also, we are a mercury-free practice and we follow strict protocols for amalgam (mercury) removal in order to take care of you and our environment.

Other Practitioners: Dr Demetrio Pina Dentist, Dr Kevin Doyle Dentist.