About Us

DP Dental is an advanced and progressive dental practice conveniently located at level 3 of Heartland Mall - Kovan, Singapore. We have been providing quality comprehensive dental care services to our patients and their families since 2004, and we have a strong belief in the philosophy that “Prevention is better than Cure”. With this belief in mind, our clinical director, Dr Yue Weng Cheu and our team of highly trained and dedicated staff are constantly motivated to meet and exceed current standards of care by staying abreast of the latest technology and the most innovative techniques through continual education, seeking early intervention methods to help our patients achieve their optimal dental health.With these, we are pleased and honored to be the very first certified Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) pro-vider which provides a comprehensive set of myofunctional therapy treatment in Singapore. By addressing the underlying causes of poorly developing jaws, our doctors and our team will be able to provide effective early preventive pre-orthodontic Myobrace® treatment to our patients, thus minimizing the possibility of having to mechanically straighten their teeth with dental appliances later on in life.