About Us

Dr John Flutter BDS recently completed the rebranding of his Early Orthodontic Treatment Centre and is now incorporating the unique MRC Clinics approach. Dr Flutter offers a range of techniques and approaches to orthodontic treatment.

"I have learned I need to look at the whole person. For straight teeth we need a straight body."

Dr Flutter holds training, breathing and postural classes to supplement orthodontic treatment.

"We aim to provide our patients with the best possible treatment using the most up to date and proven methods, materials and equipment; emphasising prevention of malocclusions as a higher ideal than the actual treatment of it. Our goals will best be achieved in a working environment where we acknowledge the patient as the most important person in the practice; where we work in an ethical and responsible manner in an environment of teamwork with mutual respect for each other's abilities and functions."

Our mission is to educate, to treat and support growing children and their parents in their endeavour to grow and develop good health, attractive faces, well balanced jaws and straight teeth.