About Us

The Dental Suites is a boutique dental practice, located in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn. Dr. Donny Mandrawa is the principal dentist, leading a small dedicated team who are committed to providing exceptional personalised care. With special interest in early treatment of crooked teeth, the practice has been achieving an amazingly high success rate of around 90%, in terms of children being able to avoid needing adult teeth extracted for orthodontic issues and minimizing the need for braces as they grow. This treatment modality has rapidly become a major part of the practice that a pre-orthodontic division has been created, called Dynamic Dentofacial Development, to specifically offer this revolutionary service. Recognising the importance of a holistic healthcare approach by working alongside Ear Nose Throat specialists, sleep physicians, neuro-chiropractors, breathing coaches, and other health practitioners, has allowed the practice to comprehensively help patients in reaching their individual unique potential in dentofacial growth, development, functionality and long-term health stability.