My Practitioners

The 'Find My Practitioner' feature on this website is designed to assist you in finding your nearest Myobrace® practitioner.

Myobrace® practitioners are licensed dental and orthodontic professionals who have undergone specific Myobrace® training in order to treat patients using Myobrace® treatment methods.

Any Myobrace® practitioner listing on is provided as a professional courtesy by Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC). MRC has not employed these individuals and does not guarantee the treatment they provide. The Myobrace® practitioner levels, Myobrace® Centers, Myobrace® Certified Providers and Myobrace®Members are based on the providers' case experience and the level of Myobrace® training they have received.

As a patient or parent, it is your responsibility and decision to find a Myobrace® practitioner that suits your particular needs. MRC and Myobrace® make no guarantee in any advice given, promise of certain treatment outcomes, or treatment performed by any of the providers listed in the 'Find My Practitioner' feature on this site.