About Us

Dr. Pilgrim graduated from University of Minnesota Dental in 1980. He started Fall Creek Dental in 1985. In the early years of his practice he studied Functional Orthodontics and offered orthodontic treatment and TMD treatment in his practice. After attending training at Myofunctional Research Co.in 2016, he started offering Myobrace treatment in his practice. He is excited to see the results in children after just months in treatment. He is excited about straightening teeth the natural way and helping children correct poor oral habits. With the Myobrace technology and appliances are able to help guide the proper development of teeth and jaws. By creating the necessary amount of room for teeth early on, the cost and time needed for orthodontics later in life can be greatly reduced or completely avoided in some cases. We believe our patients should be well informed about all of their treatment options. We look forward to meeting you and consider it an honor to assist you in achieving optimal oral health.

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