About Us

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Malis was established in 2012 as an International dental clinic managed by Japanese dentists. Our main branch was founded in Japan in 1948. we have dentists from Japan and Cambodia ready for your service.

Since inception, the aim of Malis Dental has been to provide the high-class, international standard dental care and offer exceptional, prompt customer service in Cambodia. The interior of the dental clinic is designed to the highest international standards and all equipment and specialist supplies are imported from Japan, the USA and Germany.

The dental clinic’s name Malis and the associated logo were a creation of Dr. Minemura’s. Malis is the Khmer word for Jasmine, it reflects her passion for the country and the people who live here in Cambodia.

Journey with the Myobrace System: 

We know that orthodontic care takes a lot of effort, personal time and financial commitment. We want to encourage your child to develop healthy habits now- at a young age - to hopefully eliminate the need for braces during the sensitive middle and high school years.  With early attention, we can help improve dental and facial development in children by using Myofunctional dental appliances. Our goal is to have your child's face grow normally and result in a better profile and smile.