About Us

Dr. Andrew Shieh has been in practice for over 12 years and is a proud advocate of the Better Faces Less Braces concept.  He is part of the MRC Clinic network in the United States.Thousands of articles have proven that tongue position and function, plus mode of breathing and mouth breathing cause poor facial growth and malocclusion.  We believe that with early intervention, orthodontic treatment that involves extraction of permanent teeth can be avoided.  The concept is not to wait for all permanent teeth to erupt, but it is to prevent crowding and gain space.Myofunctional therapy addresses the root cause of malocclusion which can be caused by tongue thrust, incorrect swallowing patterns and mouth breathing.  If left untreated it can cause relapse and TMJ disorders.  Children that receive the myofunctional therapy develop better looking faces, improve their posture and have aligned teeth.