About Us

The Myobrace®Pre-Orthodontic Center in Ontario, California is Myofunctional Research Company's flagship practice in the North America. By addressing the underlying causes of poorly developing jaws rather than mechanically straightening teeth with braces, our team of highly trained and dedicated staff can focus on delivering effective early preventive pre-orthodontic Myobrace® treatment.

Featuring unique clinic design, developed to achieve the best possible patient outcomes, the Ontario clinic incorporates a dedicated education and Myobrace Activities™ centre where children can become involved with their treatment in a fun, interactive environment geared towards fostering compliance.

Treatment offered at the Myobrace® Pre-Orthodontic Center ensures that while many of their classmates or friends are just starting out with traditional, mechanical orthodontic treatment, Myobrace® kids will already be well on their way to reaching their genetic growth potential and achieving Straight Teeth The Natural Way.