About Us

Dr. Rivas has been an orthodontist for the past 34 years and has known the Myobrace system for at least 20 years and she has decided to give up the traditional orthodontic treatment to devote an MRC clinic to the use of Myobrace appliances only. The whole clinic is a MRC clinic with 3 consultation areas and large spaces to do the Myobrace Activities. We also have a reception room, an office and a record room. Dr. Rivas graduated from dental school from the Metropolitan University and then studied the specialty of orthodontics in the National University of Mexico, from which she graduated in 1982. She has been exposed to many different orthodontic systems and philosophies but has decided to focus only on the Myobrace system. She has two other doctors working closely with her, one is Dr. Guillermo Lima who also studied this dental degree in the Metropolitan University of Mexico and did his specialty on Pedodontics in the Autonomus university of Guadalajara and a young Dr. Valeria Trejo that just graduated from the Autonomus University in Guadalajara and is going to train herself in the Myobrace system in Australia.

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