About Us

Dr Chris Jackson is a Melbourne University 1971 graduate, and has always been at the leading edge of the dental arena. He is constantly broadening his skills through training, both locally and internationally. He has vast experience as principal of a busy Bayside family dental practice in Melbourne, as well as a senior practitioner with Holistic Dental, Collins Street Melbourne, and recently a popular Kingscliff dentist. Throughout his career, the use of myofunctional therapy in early orthodontics, growth and development has been both a focus and a passion.

With the freshness and energy of a new season Tweed District Dental has been created. The opportunity to be branded as a platinum MRC Clinic fits ideally with Dr Jackson's philosophy of whole person care. The young folks friend 'Junior Jaws' has already found its fins in a new home.

"The facility is purpose-designed to be fun and functional for both kids and us big kids. All the team at Tweed District Dental are highly trained and experienced in delivering quality state-of-the-art holistic care."

The essence of quality care and good outcomes is based on comprehensive examination, accurate records and diagnosis, and of course commitment.

Early dental care is about education, an understanding of nature's innate potential, training and application with the profound impact on learning, growth and development. There will always be many solutions with lots to smile about. As MRC Clinics® Tweed District Dental develops there is sure to be plenty of fun and again lots to smile about.

Have a look at some of the MRC Clinics® links; you'll find some great information about the potential benefits of myofunctional therapy for your child.